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 Committed to providing you with the most pleasant and relaxing experience at my tranquil massage room  Day Spa.  Select one or all of the following categories for details on my many services: 

  • Body Treatments                               from  45 mins , 90 mins , or 120 of pure relaxation , You choose!                    
  • Indian head massage
  • Special Indian head massage
  • Body / Body Massage Taster
  • Body / Body Relaxer Special 
  • Tantra with virtual Karma Sutra
  • Tantra Foot massage
  • Tantra Bathing salts
  • Tantra Bathing salts with Creme massage
  • Karma cream Bathing double up
  • Sultry soothing leg balm Tantric
  • Four Hand Tantric Massage  The creme dele creme
  • DARK TANTRA SESSIONS.In Dark Tantra, we explore breath, touch and energy flows in an interactive, experiential session. Besides sensation play, bondage, and power-surrender dynamics, we create a connection by eye gazing and synchronizing our breath.
    We uses mild BDSM techniques and Tantra in a synergistic manner. Together, we utilize all our senses to enhance the mundane to create the sacred and experience the profound. Along with provocative sensation play to evoke, tease and ride the energetic waves, we plunge the murky depths of mind, body and soul in order to achieve greater sexual satisfaction and mental clarity.
    Throughout the session, we work with prolonged arousal through gliding touch, pressure points and breath control. The focus is always on your receiving an abundant amount of my undivided attention and feminine energy.
    Expanding upon chakra energy and tantra play, I invoke the element of Goddess domination, which may involve sensual domination role-play, erotic hypnosis, soft cuff restraint, deep massage with breathing, light spanking, prostate play, retention and holding practice.
    Tantric breath and energy focus are explored within the realm of Dark Tantra.
    This edgy, playful session is a time for you to totally let go and
  • S U R R E D N D E R!

Therapy Types: Shiatsu, Reiki, Nura, Tantra, aromatherapy, Cupping, Thai Compress, Karma sutra, Swedish massage 

Are you over loaded with work and City preasure 
? ...... Just need some TLC ?...  premature ? ......feel stressed ?? ...... Are 







Inexperienced ?... cant perform under pressure ? ...... want to learn a better way ??? ...... Need to be pampered by the best ;) ?... Or if you are already a Tantric lover?... come and EXPERIENCE A WHOLESOME DEEP FEELING OF FUN RELAXED SENSUALITY......

I perform Tantra as a four hand massage too, for couples, single men and women

Feel lovedL let me worship your body making you reach higher states of arousal ... Tantra is sexual healing it will train you to endure the pleasure ...


I perform the session fully naturist (naked )

Hourly TANTRA SESSIONS includes











Tantra is not just a massage ! Its about sharing an intimate experience ..... through connecting physically and mentally adding those equals to a climatic spiritual sex .... its an amazing feeling that even in a casual relationship or a one off experience the realisation that love is so easy to share without falling in it !!!

All I can offer you is a glimpse of heaven if I may say ... beware I am what I say and I say what I mean .....

I studied/practice Tantra for more 5 years now... only recently started to share my gift .... I am warm and sensual, I will show you love !

I call myself a Intimacy Therapist for the reason that sexual energy does heal and I believe it truly!


I am an Massage Therapist and I do tend to mix in a bit of all I know and what I think the client requires amongst Tantra Therapy I Gentle karmu / practice Shiatsu / Karma /  Sensuality Healing / Sport Massage/ and currently I study Osteopathy and Chinese herbal medicine

I am warm smilie fun girl that will put you at easy as soon as you enter my presence :0)


This is not Sex... 
It is Sensual, Spirtual and Healing, none intercourse 

I know Sex sells that’s a fact.

Remember it also hurts – when you miss-use it. What feels good at the time can have devastating effect

The problem is it is only down the track like an illicit drug  that you realise that you have been  misusing it/and abuse it,. It is an addiction. You don’t realise the addiction is damaging it until someone else tells you  or physical issues bring you down. So what you consider looking at this from the same point of view. Some have chosen to represent themselves from the point of view of providing sexual services. Because as far as tantra is concerned everybody has a spirit. It is the quality of the spirit we are talking about here. But obviously you to qualify for that. And of course the fast track system was created by some gurus called Neo tantra or instant tantra. It is the training is it is so easy to market is to promote because sex sells.

I would never want to manipulate and force my clients to act like a robot... This has you questioning a beautiful system Tantra, created with techniques that people do in other so-called Tantra sessions led by sexperts who themselves are sex addicts.

so when you’re looking at my site be aware this is not one of those approaches. As I said just like any city street or suburb there's a lot of people with different attitudes towards the environment they live in. And the behaviour they will tolerate or encourage.

True Tantra always takes you to a new place. This is Authentic Tantra


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