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  • The human touch is by nature a very soothing and therapeutic thing which means that to a certain extent, absolutely all forms of massage are sensual.

    However, it has to be said that there’s a very fine line between a sensual massage and a sexual one and it could be argued that Tantrics come very close to crossing that line.


    • What is Tantric Massage?
    • A Tantric Massage will heighten the senses of every part of your body rather than just the sexual organs which is what a "sensual" massage does. 
    • What is Tantric Massage?

      This is perhaps one of the most famous types of sensual massage thanks to celebs like Sting being outspoken about how fantastic it is!

      Unlike regular forms of massage which target muscle tension, the tantric approach is far more gentle and holistic.

      Tantra originates from India and is rooted in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Although practices have evolved over the millennia, the term ‘tantric’ translates roughly as the art of liberating sensual consciousness through physical energies and touch.

      In essence, it’s about stimulating receptors underneath the skin with a featherlight touch, unblocking energy flow and attaining a deep sense of relaxation through meditation and breathing.

      It might sound like the sort of thing hippies do but in truth, it’s an incredibly intimate form of massage in which the entire body of the recipient is touched by a masseuse.

      As part of this ‘whole-body approach’, attention is paid to the groin and some practitioners include a ‘Lingam’ (penis) and prostate or ‘Yoni’ (vagina) massage, which is incredibly sensual.

      Male and female genitals are packed with muscles and blood vessels and massaging them, while very arousing, can improve circulation and sexual health.

      Some tantric masseuses also offer a partially or fully naked service. Nudity is in no way mandatory but some clients request it; save your blushes, it is not about titillation! The benefits of skin-to-skin touch are thought to maximise the transfer and energy flow between masseuse and client.

      At present, there are no official regulating bodies which can train or certify you as a tantric masseuse, but if you want to master the techniques

    • The genital massage that concludes each massage is called the Lingam massage. This part of the massage can only occur during the last 15 minutes of the massage as the 1st part of the massage is necessary to get the rest of the body into a state of near utopia.  Just before the Lingam massage begins you will feel like you are floating on air and all the senses of your body will be in a highly charged state. 
    • The Lingam massage is the final stage of the massage and it is designed to channel the energy you normally experience when you climax throughout your whole body rather than containing it to the genital region.  This explosion of ecstasy is felt by every nerve ending in the body resulting in a totally euphoric state which can seem to last several minutes rather than just a few seconds which is what you experience in a normal climax.
  • What are the benefits of tantric massage?

    Tantric massage is said to leave recipients feeling incredibly relaxed, enlightened and in tune with their sensual selves.

    The intimacy involved in this type of massage may be particularly beneficial to people who are shy or uncomfortable with their sexuality.

    Lots of people have sexual/body confidence issues. Perhaps oppressive or abusive childhood experiences, a disability or just a lack of opportunity prevented them from enjoying the intimate rites of passage most people experience at some time or other.

    Tantric massage can help individuals to overcome those issues.

    • What is the difference between normal massage and Tantra?

  • This is the difference between Tantric Massage and a normal sensual or erotic massage.  The aim is not to climax and to experience the climax alone.  The aim is to bring the body to a state of near utopia and then to use the climax to trigger the body into entering a state of total bliss.  The actual climax could be considered as the lightening of a fuse connected to the rest of the body resulting in an explosion of pure ecstasy throughout the entire body.
  • How do you know if you have had a true Tantic Massage?
  •  If you have never experienced the above then you have never had a true Tantric Massage despite how pleasant it may have felt at the time.  I welcome you to come along and to experience a true Tantric Massage , your life will never be the same again.

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