Since 3000BC in China it has been documented that massage efficiently encourages the healing of body, mind and spirit. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Indians and all major civilizations have recognized the benefits of massage.

In the 21st century we can use massage more than ever. Statisticians tell us stress is increasingly taking its toll on us and our relationships, families and businesses. In response massage is seeing an appropriate and natural surge in popularity. It’s making sense to NHS hospitals, large companies and countless corporate hospitality suites and individuals.

—By taking care of ourselves we can give more to others.—

Be pampered  with professional quality products!

We carry the full line in skin natural oils and Skin Care Products including: Foot and  Body Scrubs and Masks, Bathing oils and salts, Tantric Massage Moisturizers, Hot oils, Rieki Massage stones, Toners,  Body Stimulator's , Head massage Sticks, Sutra Karma equipment...

Always with fresh aroma towels, and refreshments provided

Beautiful exclusive four hand Tantric ....

Price's Tantric Taster Start from £240

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